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At the center of your electrical system is the battery, providing power to your vehicle’s starter and fuel system as you start your vehicle. While the engine is running the battery also cushions sensitive onboard electronics from spike in current or voltage.

When do you need to replace your battery?

* If your battery more than three years old?
* If battery warning lights come on?
* If you have to jump-start your vehicle lately.
* If you had to use a portable charger to recharge your battery.
* If the lights dim when the A/C or heat is on.
* If there is visible corrosion on the battery posts or cables?

Even in ideal conditions, all car batteries wear down over time and the demands of extreme Tampa summer heat can shorten a battery’s lifespan even more. With batteries, dependability is of the essence, so choose Honda Genuine Replacement Battery. Each includes a 100 month prorated warranty, 3 years free replacement.

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